Wednesday, November 19, 2008

about last night

ps - there really was absinthe! [and i had some] a thousand thankyou's to everyone who came last night, i had fun! hope you enjoyed it.

i tried to play mostly old gems that were kind of off the radar back in the day [circa 80's], and just a dash of classic standby's for good measure.

hearing all classics is tiring, to me, like being on a hamster wheel, not that i've done that, but i can sympathize. feels like your not getting anywhere, not breaking new ground. too much nostalgia is annoying that way.

on the other hand, hearing all obscure tracks can be tiring as well, more like treading water in the middle of an ocean. nothing to hold on to. you may hear something you like, but it gets lost among all the other songs you've never heard before.

but when you hear something like "once in a lifetime" by talking heads followed by a post punk band like orange juice instead of the van halen song that usually followed it on the radio, it makes sense. it sounds fresh now, because its in its natural habitat, free to roam blah blah blah...
anyways thats my little snippet of dj theory for the day.

some requests that i missed last night [its always the one thing i didn't bring] : old magnetic fields, oingo boingo, and i flaked again on the gary numan/pleasure principle... next time, i promise.
stay tuned...

Monday, November 17, 2008

synths and absinthe at heathers tuesday night

another installment of obscure classics!
fave new wave, classic post punk & indie rock circa the 80's
at heathers bar
this tuesday nov.18th
9pm - 2am
506 E. 13th st.
between A & B

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Coat Drive at Heathers Bar tonight

From 8-10 tonight I'll be mixing some classic 80's post punk and new wave at Heathers for the Annual Coat Drive. Come before 8 for free drinks! Bring a coat and I'll give you a mix CD! See you there!