Saturday, September 27, 2008

heartbeat city radio

hello, hello again
another mix for you. unlike the non-live mixes i've posted so far, this one is completely spontaneous. so it might ramble off in different directions. all in all, its a bit more like a live set, or no, like a radio program, or a podcast. no, a radio program. i'm calling it heartbeat city radio, named after the epic album and song by the cars. if there was a real place named heartbeat city, i would move there, probably. anyways i'm going to try to post these types of sets more often.

my hope, as always, is that it might introduce you to a few new[old] songs by artists you know already... or even some new artists. enjoy!

martha and the muffins - echo beach
wake - talk about the past
the chameleons - looking inwardly
the the - this is the day
wake - favour
the cure - primary
echo & the bunnymen - my white devil
U2 - a day without me
the psychedelic furs - president gas
modern english - someones calling
talking heads - artists only
pixies - is she weird
the cramps - green fuzz
young marble giants - choci loni
the db's - amplifier
the times - i helped patrick mcgoohan escape
the freshies - i'm in love with the girl on a certain...
the golden dawn - george hamilton's dead
the primitives - stop killing me
the sea urchins - day into day
saint christopher - all of a tremble
my bloody valentine - cigarettes in your bed
henry's dress - "A" is for cribbage
unrest - teenage suicide
thr wedding present - my favourite dress
ultra vivid scene - lynn marie #2
the breeders - no aloha

chapterhouse - summer chill
the sugarcubes - regina
the cars - heartbeat city
love & rockets - i feel speed
suicide - cheree