Friday, June 6, 2008

wednesday and the lines

thanks everyone who came out wednesday! i had fun, i hope you did too. good crowds make for good sets. i don't plan my sets. i just sort of divine them from the room and, well, i can't wait to hear the recording on the Heathers Podcast when it gets posted. hope to see you folks next time.

the first song i played [which got partially trimmed due to a technical difficulty] was "cool snap" by The Lines, a brilliant post punk band that somehow never got off the ground. they had a lot of potential. check out some of their music here. there are recordings on the right of the page, i'm partial to the "radiobass" tapes, which are unfortunately not released, yet. Bass solos with minimal drum machine beats, pretty badass.

lets see, what else... i'm working on a new mix for you. i'm psyched about this one. sort of a punk rock tribute to doo wop music. putting the finishing touches on it.



Acute said...

Wait till you hear the rest of the unreleased Lines stuff! Think post-punk electro-funk new wave, think early New Order or mid-period Cabaret Voltaire. Anyway, it's awesome. Thanks for spreading the word, maybe see you at Heather's some time...

3john said...

more Lines! I can't wait. Can we expect another release soon?