Sunday, June 15, 2008

live recording from June 4th

a recording of my set at Heathers is available at

here's the set list so you can read along at home:

the lines - cool snap
suburban lawns - baby
polyrock - #7
devo - praying hands
the b-52's - there's a moon in the sky [called the moon]
the cars - getting through
the vapors - prisoners
the clash - train in vain
the db's - spy in the house of love
talking heads - once in a lifetime
xtc - earn enough for us
elvis costello - whisper to a scream
the smiths - panic
the police - fall out
suburban lawns - boyfriend
buzzcocks - fiction romance
adam & the ants - car trouble, pts. 1 & 2
warsaw - the drawback
ramones - rock'n'roll highschool
r.e.m. - radio free europe
the patti smith group - so you wanna be
nikki sudden - channel steamer
the dancing cigarettes - pop doormat
the b-52's - devil in my car
tones on tail - go
thompson twins - could be her, could be you
tom tom club - genius of love
the human league - love action
depeche mode - new life
omd - bunker soldiers [peel session]
yaz - state farm
madonna - think of me
squeeze - annie get your gun
our daughters wedding - lawnchairs
sigue sigue sputnik - love missile f1-11
sparks - angst in my pants
the human league - sound of the crowd
mathematiques modernes - disco rough
devo - girl u want
casino music - viol af dis
elton motello - queen
echo & the bunnymen - no dark things
delta 5 - triangle
gang of four - not for great men
glaxo babies - who killed bruce lee?
esg - moody
the clash - the magnificent seven
the flying lizards - sex machine
the waitresses - bread and butter
the b-52's - 52 girls
ramones - slug
the misfits - hybrid moments
blondie - xoffender
the cramps - goo goo muck
the revillos - rev up
hoodoo gurus - i want you back
pretenders - mystery achievement

if you have any questions about any of the songs i play, please leave a comment!
i'm no music snob. this blog isn't just for people who already know about all of this music. i'm still discovering a lot of it myself. so raise your hand if you have something to say. now put that hand down, onto your computer mouse, and click the comments button below.


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