Wednesday, December 10, 2008

wednesday night at my place

10,000 maniacs ~ pit viper
eyeless in gaza ~ two
r.e.m. ~ 9 - 9
echo & the bunnymen ~ a promise
u2 ~ the electric co.
the names ~ floating world
the passions ~ runaway
the psychedelic furs ~ highwire days
sad lovers & giants ~ alice {isn't playing}
crispy ambulance ~ a sense of reason {session}
the dance society ~ these frayed edges
gary numan ~ tracks

here's some of the stuff i've been listening to lately, and more particularly, tonight. some lesser known songs by better known artists in there, plus some more obscure artists.
i've been digging into my old 10,000 maniacs collection lately. i forgot how much i like it. for a while it was a bit of a guilty pleasure i'd only play every now and then. i think because the band became famous for their later stuff, and they had this pop folk stigma. just not my scene. their early 80's material [like pit viper] was much edgier, and natalie merchant's lyrics weren't so club-you-over-the-head-obvious-what-the song-is-about. her early lyrics were sometimes on the cryptic side, more poetic in my opinion. i actually like when i can't tell what the song is about. i like to make my own interpretation. the same can be said for r.e.m.'s early stuff [like 9-9 which is off of murmur], who knows what michael stipe was singing about. in interviews, he says that a lot of it was just made up off the top of his head because it sounded nice.
speaking of singers, my latest obsession is eyeless in gaza. martyn bates' spastic vocal style is the cats pajamas... to me. best slept-on band i've heard in a while. not all hits, but i've been finding some gems in their collection... okay, enough opinions.
here's a couple facts:

1. my friends' new band is pretty rad. their called hunters and they are playing at a new york indie showcase with a lot of other rad bands this friday at 8pm sharp. info and songs here.

2. i have another DJ gig coming up very soon, so stay tuned!

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