Tuesday, April 1, 2008


i'm john the third. i'm a dj. this is my blog. i play primarily music from the 1980s; post punk, new wave, alt rock...obscure bands like wire, or suburban lawns, seminal bands like orange juice, talking heads, or the jesus & mary chain, and classics like the cars, or the b-52's, i've been collecting it for several years now and i'm just beginning to play at local bars in new york. i've always been drawn to the little known classics. that band that everyone refers to as a "one hit wonder" actually made quite a few decent songs, some arguably better than that "one hit". that's pretty much my starting point. from there, i'll explore some better known favorites, 70's punk and early 90's stuff, if it mixes well... here you will find some of my mixes, playlists, info about upcoming gigs, musings about past gigs, and other randomness... enjoy!

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